E-mail contact:

You can try to reach me by sending email to user 'email' under this domain (kumpu.org). Yes, you read it right, the account name is 'email'. Why? Just for the fun of it. The account will be changed after it receives first instances of spam, so please check the latest instructions from this page if the email does not appear to work.

Another way to try to reach me is as follows: You can try constructing an email address using my first name, my last name and the domain name of my current employer (see below) by placing a dot (.) and at (@) in well-selected places between these three items.

I do not want to receive any unsolicited commercial email advertisements, generally known as spam or junk mail. Spam is illegal in many countries and it is an unwanted practise in the net. There is an ongoing effort to clarify the illegal status of spam in the United States. More information on that may be found from The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email:

For those living within the European Union, there is also an European branch of CAUCE, named The European Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email, which is working towards clarifying the illegal status of spam within European Union:

The spammers consume the resources of netizens by flooding the net, mailservers and hard disks with messages that the receivers do not want to read.

Because my email account was added to spammers mailing lists and CD-ROMs despite my specific repeated requests to not to receive such mail, and I started receiving a handful pyramid scheme advertisements, political campaigns and such distasteful and unasked email daily, my account has now an email filter which automatically bounces back these messages and forwards the headers of such email to the system administrators who spend part of their time trying to stop this unwanted practise.

If you have bought such CD-ROM from someone, I suggest you contact your lawyer to get your money back, because almost all people who have email addresses in that CD-ROM do not wish to receive spam and many people make sure they never buy anything from a company who sells their products by unsolicited email advertisements, being illegal in all civilized countries.

As an example of the sincerity and honesty of their business, my e-mail address exists, for example, on a CD-ROM that contains (according to the hoax salesmen) addresses of African American people, and I assure you that I am neither African, nor American, let alone African American (not to even mention the fact that any email sent to that list is automatically forwarded to the authorities for criminal prosecution). This gives a good example of the business practises of these people who should be hung from the ceiling by their balls with barbed wire.

I am currently employed by Google (http://www.google.com).

My previous employer:
Jarkko Oikarinen
Nokia Oyj (http://www.nokia.com) 
My employer before that:
Jarkko Oikarinen
Capricode Oy (http://www.capricode.com)
Elektroniikkatie 3
90570 OULU
My employer before that:
Jarkko Oikarinen
Add2Phone Oy (http://www.add2phone.com)
Kaisaniemenkatu 1 C
And even before that:
Jarkko Oikarinen
Medical Imaging Research Group
Department of Diagnostic Radiology
Oulu University Hospital /University of Oulu
PL 22
90221 OULU
Home address:
Jarkko Oikarinen
Björkvallatorget 1